Uninsured for 13 years 8 weeks
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Being Uninsured Makes Me Feel

In general, I wouldn't say that I constantly live under the specter of fear. It's more like a low level of white noise that at any unexpected moment could turn into a roar. Fortunately in my state there are many options for care at many levels of need and I'm no stranger to the 'Doc-in-a-box'. But I can feel the weight of all the ifs whenever there is an unusual pain or twitch.

My story of uninsurance is one of dreams. I've been chasing the goal of owning my own business and that is ultimately what has led to gaps in coverage. As commissions have ebbed and flowed so has my family's ability to keep up with the premiums. There are options for seemingly affordable coverage, but we strain under the burden of having to pay 100% for it. And this even though I am employed full-time.

I lead a great life and am fully engaged in every activity I engage, but like a lot of folks have a tremendous boogey man that could jump out of the closet at any moment. Let's fix the problem of uninsurance once and for all.